Song Sisters
Tamara Phelan


One of Tamara's originals that's been around for awhile, this is the story of so many people who came west to the land of milk and honey. Tamara sings lead and Shelley sings harmony.


My dear companions come close and gather 'round

Let me shake your hands for I'm leaving town

Last night in the darkness as I took my rest

I dreamed that I walked to the edge of the west


    To California, the valleys and the streams

    The high sierra full of golden dreams

    Right up to the mountains the sun shines down

    Oh I'm going to California, California bound

I've sold my possesions, these things I cannot use

And from my friend the cobbler purchased three pair of shoes

From my blankets, I stitched this coat and sack

It is all that I need for I'm not coming back


And when I get there I will pen a note to you

I'll tuck in a little money, you can join me too

Leave behind your troubles we will start our lives again

On the edge of the west in that golden land



Song Sisters
Graham Parsons


This is a great song, been around, stood the test of time and presented here as a duet by Tamara and Shelley.

Song Sisters
Steve Earle


A great song by a great writer. Shelley sings, Tamara harmonizes!

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